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OVZ - SSD - 512MB


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OVZ - SSD - 1024MB


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OVZ - SSD - 2048MB


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OVZ - SSD - 3072MB


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TF2 - 12 Slots


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TF2 - 14 Slots


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TF2 - 16 Slots


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TF2 - 18 Slots


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KVM - 256MB


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KVM - 512MB


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KVM - 1024MB


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KVM - 2048MB


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Mumble - 15 Slots


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Mumble - 20 Slots


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Mumble - 25 Slots


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Mumble - 30 Slots


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This was the first time I bought a server, and the process was pretty painless! The customer service was very helpful and I think Tragic is the chillest guy that anyone can talk to. We have a tight budget and the servers were very cheap and there was a promotion so that was a plus! I am pleased with the server quality and everything was already set.

- Neeno

The live chat support was very responsive and knowledgable. Surprisingly, for modern day website tech support they were knew exactly what they were doing and were able to help me quickly. I am extremely satisfied with their support and will be happy to use TragicServers VPS for the near future.

- Nathan

I've had a Mumble server from tragicservers for almost half a year now. The setup was fast + easy, the server costs barely anything, and there is no lag at all. Great customer support too.

- Matteo

Thank you for providing servers at an affordable rate. I have looked for some time trying to find a good server provider for a reasonable price and previously hadn't had much success. Thanks for filling this niche, these are some of the best servers out there!

- Jer

If you're thinking of renting a server whether it be for competitive style play or regular pubbing, don't even think twice with tragic servers. I haven't rented a server with anyone else but I can say from the outstanding customer service and near flawless server functionality that it probably won't get better than this.

- Omar

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service, when I came back after a year and wanted a server, I came to you first!!!


We provide awesome features.

TragicServers Uptime

99% Uptime Guarantee

Nobody wants to experience downtime on their paid services. That's why we guarantee 99% uptime on all our services.

TragicServers Prices

Affordable Prices

We offer the most affordable prices compared to our competitors! Find someone cheaper? Contact us for a potential price match!

TragicServers Backups

Weekly Backups

Nobody likes the headaches that come with data loss. That's why we do weekly backups! We also encourage customers to make backups of their own.

TragicServers GroupPay

Group Pay

Need help to pay for your service? We have Group Pay available to ease that process. Receive the funds directly to your account!

TragicServers Support

Outstanding Support

Having trouble installing a plugin? Map? Our team provides as much support and assistance as possible to get you up and running.

TragicServers Backups


We have multiple locations you can choose for your server! US: New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and EU: Frankfurt!