After more than a year of quality service, we're now expanding our services to include VPS hosting. VPS servers are perfect for those who run many online services (such as web-sites and voice servers) and wish to have complete control over their machine for a budget price. As of right now, we currently have our VPS services located in Dallas with the following features:

- Unmanaged Service
- SolusVM Control Panel
- OpenVZ Virtualization
- Upgradable RAM/HDD space
- Additional IPv4 addresses available
- Multiple OS Installations (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.)
- VSwap
- Instant Setup

We currently have the following options and price points for our services:

Basic ($2.50 USD):
128MB Guaranteed RAM
128MB VSwap
1 CPU Core @ 2.4Ghz+
10GB HD space
100GB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Address

Entry ($5.00 USD):
256MB Guaranteed RAM
256MB VSwap
2 CPU Core @ 2.4Ghz+
15GB HD space
200GB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Address

Mid ($7.50 USD):
512MB Guaranteed RAM
512MB VSwap
2 CPU Cores @ 2.4Ghz+
25GB HD space
400GB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Address

High ($10.00 USD):
1024MB Guaranteed RAM
1024MB VSwap
3 CPU Cores @ 2.4Ghz+
50GB HD space
700GB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 Address

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Monday, October 28, 2013

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