Jul 14th Summer Promotions

Below are promotion codes for new customers looking to pickup a server and either a additional slot, higher cpu priority, or a 15 slot mumble for free*. SUMMERFREE1 - Free Additional Slot SUMMERFREE2 - Free Higher CPU Priority SUMMERFREE3 - Free 15 Slot Mumble *These only apply for new customers and you may only use one promotion code at ... Read More »

Jun 29th Reddit 2012 Summer Ultiduo Tournament Sponsored by TragicServers

Reddit 2012 Summer Ultiduo Tournament   Yay, a summer tourny! Ultimate duo, for those who don't know, is a game mode where soldier and medic teams fight on koth_ultiduo_r_b7. It is a 2v2 game format. 64 Players of each class are available to have 128 total players. We're looking for players with baskic knowledge of competitive TF2 and (maybe) ... Read More »

Jun 16th Minecraft Now Available!

Minecraft servers are now available for order starting at $4.00 for 5 slots.






Jun 15th Dallas Servers Now Available! Promotion Inside!

Dallas servers are now available to order. New customers who purchase a dallas server can use our promotion code 'TSDALHIGH' for free higher priority CPU.





May 22nd CS:GO Beta Servers Available Now!

CS:GO servers are now available for purchase. Check the link below.




May 18th Mumble servers starting at $1.50 monthly!

If you're looking for a low cost and quality mumble server pick one up today. Starting at $1.50 monthly for 15 slots.



May 15th Game Server + Mumble Promotion !!!

We've decided to launch another promotion. For the next 5 customers you can receive a free (lifetime) 15 slot mumble server with your game server purchase*. Use promotion code 'TSFREEMUMBLE' today

*Promotion does not stack with the free slot or higher CPU priority promotions. Your mumble will only stay up with your server.


May 13th Special Promotion !!!

We are running a special promotion for the next 10 (5 each) customers who purchase a 14 slot server or higher! Enter promotion code 'TSFREESLOT' to recieve a free slot or 'TSFREEHIGH' to receive high CPU priority*.*You may only choose one or the other. Promotion codes do not stack and will not work if both options are chosen. If you want an ... Read More »

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