San Jose Now Available!

A west coast location has been in demand and you've got it!


31st Oct 2012
Chivarly: Medieval Warfare Servers Available!

12 slots starting at $10.00 monthly!



26th Oct 2012
Pay One Month, Next Month 50% Off

Just as the title says! You pay for one month on your new server and get next month 50% off. Once you've completed your order submit a support ticket and we will take care of the rest!   This only applies for new orders. Exisiting orders will not qualify for this promotion. Existing customers can place a new order and the promotion will apply ... Read More »

22nd Oct 2012
MvM Team Fortress 2 Servers Available

MvM Team Fortress 2 servers are now available. They are properly configured to be running MvM only (standard TF2 game modes, competitive configs, maps, etc are disabled). We have disabled other game modes to keep prices low on these 32 slot MvM servers.



16th Aug 2012
Summer Promotions

Below are promotion codes for new customers looking to pickup a server and either a additional slot, higher cpu priority, or a 15 slot mumble for free*. SUMMERFREE1 - Free Additional Slot SUMMERFREE2 - Free Higher CPU Priority SUMMERFREE3 - Free 15 Slot Mumble *These only apply for new customers and you may only use one promotion code at ... Read More »

14th Jul 2012
Reddit 2012 Summer Ultiduo Tournament Sponsored by TragicServers

Reddit 2012 Summer Ultiduo Tournament   Yay, a summer tourny! Ultimate duo, for those who don't know, is a game mode where soldier and medic teams fight on koth_ultiduo_r_b7. It is a 2v2 game format. 64 Players of each class are available to have 128 total players. We're looking for players with baskic knowledge of competitive TF2 and (maybe) ... Read More »

29th Jun 2012
Minecraft Now Available!

Minecraft servers are now available for order starting at $4.00 for 5 slots.





16th Jun 2012
Dallas Servers Now Available! Promotion Inside!

Dallas servers are now available to order. New customers who purchase a dallas server can use our promotion code 'TSDALHIGH' for free higher priority CPU.





15th Jun 2012
CS:GO Beta Servers Available Now!

CS:GO servers are now available for purchase. Check the link below.



22nd May 2012
Mumble servers starting at $1.50 monthly!

If you're looking for a low cost and quality mumble server pick one up today. Starting at $1.50 monthly for 15 slots.



18th May 2012

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