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Minecraft Testimonial

Three friends and I wanted to play minecraft together but couldn’t find a good price for the small slot size we needed. My brother then showed me to tragic servers and I’m glad he did. The price for minecraft is very fair, and even with a full server we don't notice any lag. I’m very happy with my purchase and plan on paying for the server as long as we all still enjoy minecraft.

TF2 Testimonial

I bought a 16 slot server from tragic expecting to have to go through the headache of transferring servers files. Luckily for me Tragic has competitive players in mind, and I didn’t have to transfer all my settings or maps over to the new server. I then use the auto installs for sourcemod and the server was fully set up in minutes. Playing in the server has been solid; neither me nor my competitors have complaints about the server (which is rare). I would recommend anyone in need of a 6v6 or 9v9 scrim server buy one from Tragic. It’s also good to know that the server money is going to someone in the community, rather than a faceless server provider.

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